At AJ Studios they have a “win – win” philosophy, this is the number one reason that they have had so many successes and become the largest webcam studio in all of South America, but are recognized for their professionalism and business innovation, globally.

Juan Carlos and Anthony (owners & operators) believe that everyone in the day-to-day operations are valuable in the success of the business, but is also why they will tell you that the first 2 years in business, they failed multiple times, but in truth they do not see it as failures, from failure they found all the right ingredients to make smart choices in operating the business.
That is why today, they have studios all over Colombia, employ over 250 people and are constantly expanding, they have won awards, work with the top people and companies in the industry, but what stays a constant is, AJ Studios always stays humble and know that if you take care of your employees, they will be loyal and work to take care of the business that takes care of them.

Juan Carlos and Anthony believe strongly in partnerships, sponsoring and supporting the industry that has supported their business, they have helped many new, up and coming small studio’s get a running start at attaining success in the industry.
That is why, AJ Studios had a vision and started the LALEXPO a few years ago, to help expand, support and enhance the markets in the webcam industry as a whole, the 1st year they had a turnout of around 500 people, this year’s event had over 1300, and the expectation for 2016 is over 2000, this is important because AJ Studios and the LALEXPO have become platforms to educate and promote understanding of the opportunities in the industry.
In an industry where so many people focus on singular issues or events, AJ Studios understands that seeing the big picture is the only way to operate their business and to help the webcam industry keep evolving and for the company to be trend setters, they know one does not achieve success, they get up every day and work hard to stay successful in the industry that they love and appreciate.