Charm Group – The most professional livechat company in Romania

Charm Group is the most professional livechat company in Romania. Established in 2007, it has been strongly developing over the years, just to become one of the top 3 gross sale worldwide, at one of the biggest Live Cam Site in the business. Nowadays, Charm Group consists of several premium live chat studios located in Bucharest: Charm Studios, Allure Studio, Glam Studios and the newest jewel of the crown, Manequeen. The main reason of its success story is the high quality of the management, provided by a team of professionals with strong corporate background. It is a key advantage that brings significant benefits to the models: efficient training, fast, useful services for all the models, an intelligent bonus system and impeccable competence.

Furthermore, Charm Group has a strong commitment for seriousness and lawfulness, which ensure a relaxing environment for its employees. Above all, the core value of Charm Group is absolute respect for feminity. Each girl is treated with courtesy, friendship and kindness, like a member of a great family. This generates a constant state of well-being among models, who become motivated in making more money at work.

The success of this business model has been acknowledged with two renowned prizes. Charm Studios has won “The Best BBW Model Of The Year” and “The Best Emerging Studio of the Year” at the 2015 Live Cam Awards in Barcelona. Furthermore, we are among the nominees for the Best Cam Studio of the Year, at 2016 GFY Awards in Las Vegas, USA. This is the accomplishment of many years of hard work and dedication of a wonderful team. It is also the solid proof that only complete professionalism can provide big achievements in this business.

All of these achievements were possible due to a great contribution from the girls that works at Charm Group. Every model becomes more determined to succeed when they find the perfect environment to fulfill its dreams and aspirations. This generates a symbiosis between the employees and the models, making live chat a pleasant job experience.

The story of Charm Group is just getting bigger and better. In 2015, the company has started an extensive and ambitious process of rebranding. Charm Studios is now The Professional live chat, a bold statement for its efficiency and discretion. Allure Studio has become Exclusive Home of Feminity, proof of total respect for the girls and women that work in live chat. And last but not least, the newest star of the group is Manequeen, an elegant studio where every girl is viewed as a fashion model.

The future of this company is bright and solid. Right now, more than 100 models work for the most professional livechat in Romania and the figures will grow further more. Next year, there will be developed more business ties with renowned webcam broadcasting networks. Also, in 2016, the rebranding process will be completed for Glam Studio. In addition, Charm Group plans to complete its investments in new equipments and design improvements. This is a natural development for a company that is determined to bring even higher the quality standards in professional live chat.