Feet4Cash will be sponsoring second edition of Live Cam Awards after successful sponsorship of its first edition.

The Live Cam Industry has achieved tremendous success and growth in the adult business. It is an evident fact that the industry has undergone remarkable change, and today there are loads of live cam sites available online to entertain adult service seekers. Feet4Cash, an Italian paysites network, is helping the Live Cam Industry to grow and prosper by sponsoring 2016 edition of the Live Cam Awards.
Feet4Cash is the first Italian paysites network completely focused on foot fetishism, with exclusive content made by an enthusiast and passionate team behind the whole network activities. With an unique nonude style, Feet4Cash sites are perfect to be promoted everywhere on the internet and, as current partnerships with mobile companies like Affil4You demonstrate, all the content is suitable to be used on mobile sites all over the world, even in countries with strict regulations on the kind of content that can be shown on smartphones and tablets.
Many of the models featured on Feet4Cash sites are also cam models, and that’s one of the reasons behind the sponsorship of the LCA Awards. Moreover, Feet4Cash is working with the biggest players in the adult industry to launch, during the first semester of 2016, a live cam site to be added to the network. The company perfectly knows that, most probably, the one form of online adult entertainment that won’t face any sort of crisis in the years to come is the one connected to live performances.
“We’ve been sponsoring the first edition of Live Cam Awards because we knew it was something that the industry needed. After the magnificient work Alex made, we couldn’t be more happy to be part of the second edition as well” says Massimiliano, Marketing manager at Feet4Cash. “We’ve been working with Alex since a few years now: her incredible dedication to work, passion on everything she does and the success she achieved as a cam model as well as a foot fetish model on our network didn’t really took us by surprise. She’s awesome and she deserves the success her award is having”.
The Live Cam Awards second edition will surely be a gift to the cam industry and to the whole adult industry as well, and Feet4Cash will show its total support by being a proud Gold Sponsor.