Glamour Studio it’s more than a place for streaming online , it’s a place where dreams come true. Both for our models and our clients. And we do our best to make everyone of them feel special, precious, cherished. Because at Glamour Studio it’s NOT all about the business, it’s a about the people. And making them happy.
We’ve put our skills, knowledge and passion into our dream, in a time when things in this field were at their beginning and activating in this domain was an act of courage. Now, with more than 7 years experience in the adult industry, we are still a young and enthusiastic team, with fresh ideas and daring goals. In all those years, we’ve learned a lot from our ups, but mostly from our downs, becoming the professionals we are today.

We’ve invested a lot in cosy, stylish, high-class ambient, in up-to-date technology and professional trainings for our models, but most of all, a lot of love. Now we are an exclusive, glamorous place for sophisticated, glamorous girls, aimed to enhance their charm and their seductive power. Also making their dreams come true. That’s why now we are one of the most appreciated studios in Romania. And we’re still growing.
We are proud for being able to achieve the highest standards in the business and to offer a new perspective on the way people refer to this activity. We’ve came up with a new philosophy and a new way of doing things. Our main belief is that videochat it’s really about the art of conversation, not some erotic talks. It’s about the ability of having control of the words, more than having a pretty face. At Glamour Studio, we enlighten models to understand, empathise and advise, still giving the interlocutors the pleasure of an unique experience. That’s why our models are more than just some women who reveal their sensuality in front of the cameras, they are actual virtual goddesses. And they are treated like ones.
As we are trying to make the most of the feminine charm, we never forget to give something back. After being among the nominees last year, we are just delighted to attend the second edition of Live Cam Awards, surely the most important event of the industry. We are also proud we can now contribute to its growth as a gold sponsor. It’s our way of supporting the development of the entire cam industry, give back some of our success and gain even more glamour.

We can’t wait to see you all there and make things better. For us, our models and our clients.