iFriends.net launched in 1998. The internet was a very different place. Today, many of the webcam models who log in to iFriends don’t remember a world without live webcams.

Let’s take a step back and appreciate the profound influence iFriends has had on the adult industry. In the late 90s, subscription-based porn sites were the biggest game in town.  These adult sites were essentially the same, but varied by niche and appearance. A member could expect to see grainy photos and watch bite-sized video clips on their modem connection.

But on February 14, 1998, everything changed. The first interactive adult cam site, iFriends.net, was born.

To say that iFriends.net simply “launched” would be a gross understatement. iFriends a-r-r-i-v-e-d! At the time, phone sex hotlines were popular, and a few companies (including iFriends parent company WebPower, Inc.) had dabbled in videochat. But the scale, technology, and speed that iFriends offered was such a departure from anything that had come before it. We ourselves didn’t know what to expect. What we learned back then is a valuable lesson that we still honor today. People crave real intimacy, fantasy, and friendship. iFriends.net is the perfect blend of adult entertainment  and  personal interaction. iFriends satisfies the most basic emotional need of the human condition. We succeed at offering high-quality, meaningful, live videochat experiences.

When an iFriends member ends a live session, he or she usually feels fulfilled. Largely, this is due to the quality of character of iFriends models.  Webcam models offer so much more than live sex chat – they offer friendship, understanding, intimacy, and advice. They turn clients into fans that are not only happy with the service, but happy with themselves.

We’re incredibly passionate about the platform we’ve created for our models. Some of the best webcam models have logged into iFriends consistently since 1998. This level of loyalty comes from offering the highest percentage payouts in the industry for existing members, and 100% lifetime payouts for new members a model introduces to iFriends. We also have a friendly U.S. based support team working around-the-clock, by phone and online, to make sure models get what they need when they need it. We understand that a model is an online entrepreneur. That’s why we offer so many different ways to make money on iFriends. From selling content, earning monthly subscription fees, or getting paid for live chat or phone sex – there are plenty of avenues that lead to financial success on iFriends.

Last year we were recognized at the 2015 Live Cam Awards as pioneers of the adult industry. We were hugely honored to receive the Hall of Fame award. This year, we’re even more excited to be sponsoring the 2016 Live Cam Awards! Thank you for the opportunity. We look forward to many more years of growth, and new and exciting technology in the adult webcam industry.

iFriends Team.