Lucky Studio
You are free to make money!

Lucky Studio is by far one of the most innovative video chat companies in Romania. Since 2007, the year the company was founded, we have launched some of the most inventive business features in our field. For instance, we were the first video chat studio to offer the daily payment system. This way we give the full confidence to our girls that they receive all their money right at the end of the work shift.

Furthermore we have introduced a very attractive weekly bonus system and the biggest bonus on a 3 year contract- 8.850 euro. As an original alternative to this contract, we offer our models the possibility to choose between money and a flexible package: money+ free essential services for their work: make-up, hair styling, transportation 24/7, with Mercedes minivans. In addition, for all of our employees, we ensure 100% legality and full respect of human values.

Besides that, Lucky Studio is one of the most dynamic video-chat companies in terms of promotion. For example, each year, we spend over 100.000 euros only for outdoor advertisement.

Today Lucky Studio is a huge business, with 3 million euros annual turnover. We have more than 160 models, 26 rooms for video-chat, 3 drivers, 6 supervisors, 8 trainers, 5 receptionists, 5 accountants, 4 cashiers, 8 make-up artist and 2 photographers, all of them women. Confident that our success is rooted in a culture of innovation and respect, we are fully motivated to keep them as the core values of our business model.