Who can submit  a nomination and when?

Live cam companies representants, live cam studios representants, live cam models and even fans – you can ask your friends on facebook, tweet about it, your buddies, your sexy neighbour. Hint: ask your mom, dad, aunties and other relatives who are supposed to show unconditional love to support you in this fierce competition, then switch to everyone who owes you a helping hand, EVERYONE is welcome aboard! You are a cam star – you have an army of followers, ask them to nominate you! No spam tho, please! Nominations for LCA 2017 will open early december 2016, closing early january 2017.

 What do I need to do to submit a nomination?

You need to sign up, verify your age and activate the link in the email.

Then you`re free to throw us your nominations.

When are the nomineess announced?

The LCA 2016 nominees will go online for voting right after the nominations process closes. No gimmicks.  For more questions, email alex@livecamawards.com

What do I need to do to be nominated?

Don`t be shy, nominate yourself! Then shout it out loud and ask your customers and fans to do the same.

Ok – I nominated myself – does that make me a nominee eligible  for voting?

Hold your horses, young fellow! While we got no doubt that you deserve to be there, unfortunately only the top 10 models will be nominated for models categories and top 5 for business categories – they will all go further for voting. The more people nominate you, the more chances. Fingers and toes crossed for you!


Wait – that`s it ? It`s that simple?

Exactly! If you have more questions email alex@livecamawards.com