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SkyPrivatePRO is perfect for; existing cam sites, white label cam site owners, cam studios, tube sites and paysites.

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If you have an existing site, you already pay a lot of money for your traffic. With SkyPrivate PRO you can make even more PROfits, by offering live cams on your site. Plus you can feature your existing models in your SkyPrivate PRO shows.

Own a live cam site already? Using SkyPrivate PRO’s platform, you’ll have access to a new revenue flow, giving your existing models another way to reach their customers.

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What is SkyPrivate PRO?

SkyPrivate PRO is the all new industry version of the very successful platform that has taken the live cam industry by storm, SkyPrivate.

SkyPrivate has been operating since July 2013. Since that time SkyPrivate has grown to serve over 10,000 live cam models. And the number is growing daily.

SkyPrivate uses Skype, the world’s most popular live chat applet on a pay-per-minute basis. Skype provides outstanding video and audio quality and is already on a high percentage of the world’s computers and mobile devices. If you have Skype you have SkyPrivate. With so many models using SkyPrivate, there should be no learning curve. If you can use Skype you can use SkyPrivate.

If you’re a cam model you can use SkyPrivate pay-per-minute and have a new way to reach your customers, making more money. Private shows have never been easier.

Models can sign up SkyPrivate

Why SkyPrivate PRO?

You can have a cam platform for $0 UP FRONT COST. YES, IT’S ACTUALLY FREE TO SET UP AND START USING. There are no server costs, so PROfits are higher.

Why pay for an expensive cam platform when SkyPrivate PRO is FREE TO SET UP (pay just a small percentage for each transaction)?

You can either use our billing system or your own billing.

SkyPrivate works great on mobile and desktop computers, pc or mac.

You can also use our optional white label and get access to our over 10,000 models

What are our users saying?

I am SOOOOO impressed with @SkyPrivate and their customer service! VERY quick responses! Excited to work with them!

@SkyPrivate how am I only just now learning about this fabulous system!?!?

I love @SkyPrivate

For a FREE demo of the revolutionary new SkyPrivate PRO, email us at demo@PRO.skyprivate.com