Studio 20 is internationally known for its professionalism and for the “glamour revolution” in the live cam industry. And it’s not just us saying this, but the recognition that we received in Las Vegas, winning the “Studio of The Year 2014” award, in Mamaia, at the AW Awards where we received the “Best Emerging Studio 2015” award and in Prague, when
the “Best Live Cam Studio 2015” award was given to us at the YNOT Awards ceremony.
We also grew some of the best cam models in the business: Devious Angel, winner of the “Best LiveCam Model Personal Site” at the Live Cam Awards gala in Barcelona, Emma Wild and Zeya Brunette, both getting awards for “Best Fetish Model” and „Best Video Teaser”, Sasha Red and Raquelle Diva or Maya Sinn and Misstress Alexya having been nominated fat AW Awards and YNOT Awards.
The numerous appearances in Romanian mass media (over 100 in 2015), the interviews our model gave and the blog posts have established us as an example of a professional business model, after 15 year experience in this industry but also as leaders of improvement.
There are many things to say about us besides our awards. We offer our models the best working environment where they can come and work with pleasure and feel like a home away from home.
The girls have a make-up artists, English tutors, cooks, masseurs, hairdressers, photographers /video teams and a whole support team behind them making them look good, feel good and basically trying to improve every aspect of their job and making it become more appealing and more successful.
We’re genuinely interested in our models well being, giving them a flexible working schedule, the girls having the possibility to chose the time frames when they work, becoming a perfect job for students and fresh graduates.
Studio 20 is a glamour studio, we proud ourselves with the way the rooms look, the hi­-tech equipment, the best support and technical team, being on call 24/7 for the models, making sure everything is working perfectly.
Our motto is ‘We succeed together” and that’s exactly what we think. We are not the average video chat studio where we offer just a place for models to chat with people, we are the ones that invest in them, helping them get to the top and staying there.
It’s in our best interest and our pleasure to work with beautiful and smart models that have the potential of becoming great professionals. Working together, we respect each other and help each other grow.
The team is mostly formed by young and powerful individuals, working together as a family, being there for everyone, staying after hours, helping the models and giving them constant support and advice.
Every photo shoot, every interview and session is revised and talked trough so we can make it perfect. It’s in our nature to try and improve every aspect of the job until we get it right. You might say it’s not a difficult job being all day with beautiful women and just making them pose and talk.
But that’s not what we’re aiming for. We want them to be perfect. From the day they come in for the first photo shoot, to the day they get in the room, to the way they appear on their sites, every aspect should be done in ways to make them better.
Studio 20’s award winning models got to be that by putting in the extra effort, listening to their trainers, giving ideas and receiving feedback, not seeing this just like a job where they HAVE to come.
It’s important to know that in this business, you work with people, you have to understand what they want and be interested in what they are saying, you are not just a beautiful girl undressing in front of a camera. You are a counselor, you are a friend and someone they trust with their problems, fantasies and wishes. If they wanted a beautiful girl that gets naked fast, they can just look up porn. That’s why our models win awards, that’s why they are recognised in the industry.
The thing that Studio 20 is most proud about, as cliche as it sounds, that we are a not a family, we are a group of teachers and students, a group of smart and ambitious individuals that work together, joke together and receive awards together. We are and will be recognised as an international brand for hard work, for professionalism, for the best models, beautiful working place, constantly improving and succeeding together.
Starting 2016 and hopefully for many years to come, we are proud to praise the best live cam model in every Studio 20 location and franchise and the best support team from all of these in the “20 Awards for Excellence” that we will decernate as Diamond Sponsor in Barcelona, at Live Cam Awards Show.