Y.E.S Studio will be sponsoring the second edition of Live Cam Awards, as the owner herself has won the Award for Best Non Adult Live Cam at LCA 2015. As the industry is evolving, so is the role of women in this business. With a keen understanding of the industry, they can bring a fresh new vibe. Business women as Alexandra manage to bring a breeze of change and can create something extraordinary.

Y.E.S Studio was founded by the former top cam model Alina, a young professional showing that woman leadership can achieve so much in a short time, as the Studio will celebrate 1 year of actitvity, later in november. Y.E.S stands fo Youth, Emotion and Sensuality, this is us in a nutshell. Our studio has managed to grow so much in a such short time thanks to the leadership but also to the enthusiastic and passionate team behind the whole studio activities. The cam models from this studio are known as Y.E.S Girls, as they have made a mark on their own, from nominees to main awards shows to speekers in seminars. The team works proactively to ensure the growth and stability of the industry, and as a next step will provide the industry further help, by sponsoring next year’s event. Funny, cunning and upbeat are the words to best describe this team. We are incredibly passionate about our work, we are focused on achieving and know that we can

Y.ES studio is well known and respected, as being a place where cam models get the training and support that they need in order to succeed and to be on top of the game. The same kind of support will be given to the industry, as the team of professionals from Y.E.S are bound to make a mark as contributors but also by bringing fresh ideas. We think that we can evolve together and share our best practices in order to surpass our endeavors.

We are sponsoring the main event because it is our role to refresh the industry and show that women leadership can be what this industry needed in order to evolve. We are eager to bring our ideas to the table and make it happen.We believe that we can achieve so much more and Summits as such offer us a good chance to do some networking and have some fun.

We are happy to work with Alexandra and think that she has done something amazing with the first edition, that is why we are excited to be a part of this as gold sponsor at one of the most important events of the industry in 2016.

We are proud to be a Gold Sponsor and give something back to the cam industry. At this second edition we will offer our full support. See you there!